Timeline for New Academy Development
November:The creation of a core leadership team guides the development of the proposed academy. Members must include the following representatives:
  • Assistant principal for curriculum ·
  • District specialist for curriculum area
  • Academy director (provides leadership for academy planning, implementation, and evaluation)
  • CTE instructor
  • Academic instructor
  • Student representative
  • Business professional from the local community and academy career area
  • Post-Secondary Partner
  • Representative from the District CTE Business Steering Committee, called the Career Connection Cadre – ensures the academy mission, vision, and structure support that of the District Career Connection Steering Committee

The first task of the Academy Leadership Team is to establish an academy rationale by completing and submitting the Academy Proposal and Commitment Form due on November 30.
NOTE: In addition to the New Academy Proposal, school administration must also complete the VCS Innovates Proposal.
Considerations for the VCS Innovates Proposal:
The Academy Research Team then defines the following:
  1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Goals & objectives
  4. Student outcomes
  5. Strengths, weaknesses, threats, & opportunities
  6. Analysis of the internal and external environment
  7. Stakeholder map
  8. Budget & Facilities
a. Budget – Academy Team, along with the district, begins to build a list of equipment, textbooks, and additional materials that will be needed.b. Facility Considerations - identify and assess the academy facility (physical environment) and infrastructure considerations.
April - June:
District staff makes final decision regarding the status of the academy application.

Professional Development - teachers develop inter-disciplinary projects and units.

August:Marketing/Promotion – develop marketing materials for 8th grade students, parents, counselors, etc. Advisory Committee – develop advisory committee and schedule first meeting.
Workbased - through Advisory Committee partnerships, develop real-world activities (speakers, field studies, internships, OJT)
Post-Secondary Linkages- develop articulation agreements and opportunities for dual enrollment.

November/December: High School Showcase – recruitment effort for in-coming 9th graders and their parents.Purchasing - place final orders for furniture, computers, or other additional program related equipment/supplies.

January/March:Student Applications – Academy Advisor & CTE Facilitator maintains application database; Academy Director / Team makes final decisions regarding acceptance criteria; letters sent to accepted students
Pure-Scheduling - registering students in appropriate "tagged" academy courses for the following school year.

June-July:Professional Development – identified instructional staff meet to develop inter-disciplinary projects and units
Classroom Installation – inventory supplies; check equipment to ensure it works properly; make copies of projects; order any additional supplies

August:New Student Orientation – prior to the start of school host parents, new academy students, and business advisory committee members to an orientation meeting; give tours of facilities, demonstrations, and introduce instructors.