Volusia County Schools' career academies are based upon 9 Academy Standards. Documentation for academy evaluation will be gathered throughout the acdemic year to support the implementation of the academy. Final evaluations will occur in the spring utilizing the Academy Evaluation Tally Sheet.
August - September

· District meetings with school-based administration to examine academy scheduling and common planning.
August – May
  • Directors and CTE Facilitators will have release time to meet with CTE district representatives, discuss academy issues, and upload supporting documents to the Career Academy Wiki.
  • On-going informal Curriculum In Action visits of CTE district representatives and business partners to offer support and feedback.
  • Evaluation of documentation uploaded to the Career Academy Wiki will take place during April - May.
  • The Academy Support Team (ie. Academy Director, CTE Academy Facilitator, Academy Program Advisor, AP for Curriculum, District Specialist, Principal, business partner, parent, and student) will highlight academy achievements and areas that may need improvement for the upcoming school year.
  • Schools will be awarded Gold, Bronze, or Silver status based on the Academy Evaluation Tally Sheet.
  • Academy Awards Event will be held in May to recognize academy status.