Collecting appropriate data to examine the strengths and challenges of the academy model has been a primary focus in Volusia. As the primary stakeholders in academies, the students' point of view is of critical concern.

The CTE Academy Student Survey was developed by Kathleen Vandervoort, CTE Teacher on Assignment, to directly survey students' experiences in their respective academy settings. In the spring of 2011, Academy instructors were asked to allow students to access and complete the on-line survey. Taking part in the survey was voluntary. Results were compiled and shared with the Academy Directors during the 2011 Summer ICW Workshop for all 33 Career Academy teacher teams. Academy Directors also received individual reports for their academy to share with their teacher teams and school-based administration.

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CTE Academy Student Survey Directions

CTE Academy Student Survey Questions

CTE Academy Survey PowerPoint for Directors

2010-2011 CTE Academy Student Survey Report